Wrought Iron Fence Supply San Antonio

Wrought Iron Fence Supply San Antonio

Wrought iron is known for its toughness and rust-resistant, perfect for you who need a low maintenance fence. Wrought iron fence supply San Antonio is not hard to find as well. Often called by the name rot iron or rod iron, this fence is durable and can be used for ornamental purpose as well. However, it can be quite expensive as well as labor-intensive.

Expect to pay a price around $3,000 to as high as $30,000 for a project of installing wrought iron fence. To break it down, you will need to pay around $10 to $30 per linear foot for materials and another $15 to $40 for the installation. It is expensive because the installation has two stages where the path is cleared and the posts are dug and installed. A couple days after the concrete has hardened, the fence will then be installed.

To find this in San Antonio, you can either go to craigslist or directly to some well-known companies. The companies you can check out are Garcia Fencing and MG Welding & Fences. They are specializing in high quality fence with premium materials, therefore creating superior products. They are some of the companies that provide wrought iron fence supply San Antonio.

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