How To Stain A Cedar Fence With A Brush

How To Stain A Cedar Fence With A Brush

If the weather is still dry, begin staining your clean fence. Using the pad, brush or roller, dip it into the wood stain then apply it to your fence in an event coat, working your way from one fence board to the next. Focus on painting from the top of the fence to the bottom to prevent uneven dripping.
Part 3. Applying the Stain. Pour all of the stain carefully into a large bucket. Stir your stain with a clean stick or coat hanger. Use a natural bristle brush to apply fence stain. Fill a tray and use a roller to apply an even coat of stain to your fence. Stain the cedar fence with a spraying machine.
Similarly, protect surrounding vegetation at the foot of the fence by covering it with drop cloths. Then, enlist a brush, roller, or sprayer to stain the slats.
Just bringing out some fence stain and applying it to the fence will accomplish. While you can use a brush to handle the job, you may prefer either a roller or. . I have two questions: 1) I have a new cedar fence that's been up for 2 months.
You are going to apply the stain using a brush, roller, or a hand-pumped fence stain sprayer like the Olympic Premium Deck Care Sprayer. No matter the method .

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