Fence In A Box Plot

Fence In A Box Plot

A box plot is constructed by drawing a box between the upper and lower quartiles with a solid line drawn across the box to locate the median. The following quantities (called fences) are needed for identifying extreme values in the tails of the distribution: lower inner fence: Q1 – 1.5*IQ.
Here are the directions for drawing a box plot: Compute Q1, Q2. Compute the inner fences IF1 Q1 – 1.5 * IQR and IF2 Q3 + 1.5 * IQR. Example: The inner .
Boxplot with outliers. The upper and lower fences represent values more and less than 75th and 25th percentiles (3rd and 1st quartiles), respectively, by 1.5 .
boxplot A box plot provides an excellent visual summary of many important. There are two adjacent values: the largest value below the upper inner fence and  .

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