Electric Fence For Deer And Rabbits

Electric Fence For Deer And Rabbits

If you want to exclude woodchucks, rabbits, and raccoons as well as deer, add insulators and a lower wire at 6 inches above ground. Position the fence charger on a wooden post or a building near the fence and hook a bare wire from the polytape to the charger to activate the fence.
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Electric fencing for rabbits – information and guides on how to protect your land and crops/veggies from rabbits using electric fencing.
There are four basic approaches to controlling deer damage to woodlands, which may need to be used in combination: Fencing or tree guards. Netting or mesh fences are necessary, as deer can push between the wires of line wire fencing. Muntjac can push under netting, which must be lapped or buried as for rabbits.
Electric fencing for rabbits can be done using specifically manufactured rabbit netting or by constructing a permanent fence.
While fencing vegetable gardens for birds or insects may be both impractical and costly, you can do something about the deer and rabbits, the two worse .

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