Drone Geofencing Technology

Drone Geofencing Technology

The usage of Drone Geofencing Technology in manufacturers has benefited a lot to the companies. Certain tasks can now be replaced with drones, which can also be referred to as Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV). This means that drones are flying around the sky above the manufacturer for usage such as delivery, inspection, and rescue and surveillance purpose.

Most manufacturers have several restricted areas that no drones are preferred there. Therefore, the scientists of Nanyang Technological University have come up with this geo-fencing technology. This aims to free up a certain space, such as restricted areas, so that no drones are allowed to enter.

By installing this virtual fence for drones in manufacturing areas, the company is in control of the whole drones operation. This can be controlled and monitored should there be any potential collision or drop in signal strength. This uses Detect and Avoid (DAA) system that detects the collision and reroute the drones.

Monitoring of the route can be done through the control station. It is also possible to set a designated landing on open areas. This is all done above the human traffic as the drones fly over buildings. This Drone Geofencing Technology is indeed necessary for a manufacturer to have.

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