Best Electric Fencing For Goats

Best Electric Fencing For Goats

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Get tailored advice & find the ideal goat fence solution with quality, safe, long lasting electric fencing for goats, from Gallagher Europe.
Goat Fencing. Goats are one of the most challenging livestock to contain with fencing. Fence Wire. Fence wire for goats should be closely-spaced, starting low to the ground and placed high enough to prevent jumping over the fence. Fence Chargers. Sheep Fencing. Fence Wire. Fence Charger.
Information on how to set up and maintain an electric fencing for goats.. of wire than normal electric tape thus ensuring good conductivity all around the fence.).
A boxed end assembly with offset electric wire on a new prefabricated fence. This is the best type of fence-end for goats–there is no large inclined stay for.
Using electric fencing to confine goats can be a convenient way to pasture. But there's no one-size-fits-all way of finding the system best suited to your needs.

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